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Essential protection for your veterinary practice

Discover why so many of your colleagues protect their practice from customer slips and trips, property damage, broken equipment, business interruptions, and more with a Business Owner’s Package (BOP) through the AVMA Trust.

Discover Business Owner's Package

Why BOP? You’ve worked hard to create a successful, thriving veterinary practice. You need to protect it. A business owner’s package through the AVMA Trust provides coverage for damage to your building and equipment, supports you during business interruptions, protects you from third-party claims, and includes additional coverage endorsements for situations unique to veterinary practices.

These essential coverages—and more—are included in the AVMA Trust BOP:

Building and Business Property Insurance

Protect your building, property, medical equipment, furniture, computers, inventory, and records from loss or damage—including damage to equipment and furniture caused by animals.

Business Liability Coverage

Customer slips, trips, and falls are all too common and can result in injury and costly claims. Protect your practice from these and other third-party claims.

Business Interruption Insurance

When physical damage to your property suspends your operations, this coverage helps replace lost business income and provides coverage for payroll expenses, outside services, lease payments on premises and equipment, and more.

Business Income from Dependent Properties

Does your practice depend on another business or supplier—a racetrack, humane shelter, or nearby anchor store—for traffic and income? Cover your lost income if that business is damaged or destroyed.

Mobile Loss of Income and Extra Expense

For many veterinarians, a vehicle is an essential part of providing professional services. Protect against lost income as well as loss or damage to mobile veterinary equipment and the vehicle to which the equipment is permanently mounted if the vehicle is out of service due to a covered loss.

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Discover Business Owner's Package

Vet Your Policy

The AVMA Trust has developed a scorecard and quiz to help practice owners vet their existing business policy or evaluate new business coverage. Use these tools today to discover whether your practice is adequately protected against risks commonly faced by veterinary practices.

Download the Scorecard

Use this scorecard to evaluate your current coverage, rate a business policy you may be considering, or start a conversation with an insurance broker.

Take the Online Quiz

Not sure whether your current business policy is adequately protecting your practice? Take our online quiz to find out.

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Discover Business Owner's Package

Mitigate Your Risk

Having the right business coverage in place is an essential step to mitigating the risk to your veterinary practice. Here’s how some of your colleagues turned to the AVMA Trust to protect their practices:

Mobile Unit Burglarized in Parking Lot

Dr. A stopped to eat at a restaurant between farm calls and, while inside, Dr. A’s mobile unit was burglarized. Dr. A called the police and reported the stolen veterinary equipment, which included a $79,000 mobile x-ray unit. Because Dr. A had secured a business owner’s policy through the AVMA Trust, the insurance carrier provided a $50,000 advance to help resume operations quickly. After the claim review, Dr. A’s insurance carrier paid a total of $130,000 in damages

Overloaded Electrical Panel Causes Fire

Dr. B operated on the first floor of a leased space. An overloaded electrical panel resulted in a fire on the second floor, and Dr. B’s practice suffered substantial smoke and water damage. Building tenants were forced to cease operations while repairs were conducted. Dr. B had secured a business owner’s policy through the AVMA Trust, and the insurance carrier paid more than $286,000 for Dr. B’s property damages and business income interruption expenses.

Testimonial from Animal Haven/Animalia

“Recently we contacted the AVMA Trust team regarding the appropriate amount of property coverage for our recently-expanded veterinary clinic in Franklin, Tennessee. From the beginning to the end of our interactions, the Trust team was a huge resource for us in determining the adequacy of our property/liability coverage. We are very happy to have worked with the AVMA Trust, and we are now confident our insured values are correct.” 

— Mark Franco
Animal Haven/Animalia in Franklin, Tennessee

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Discover Business Owner's Package

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