AVMA Trust 2022 Trend Report

U.S. Veterinarians’ Work-Life Experience

In the fall of 2021, AVMA Trust fielded an in-depth national survey of veterinarians to better understand the landscape of the profession and take the pulse of the work and life domains specific to DVMs.

Veterinarians Spoke. We Listened.

More than 2,500 practicing and 300 retired veterinarians lent their voices to the survey, providing thousands of valuable nuggets of wisdom, insight, and perspectives on life as a veterinarian. They shared detailed information about work schedules, job satisfaction, priorities, coping mechanisms, and strategies to increase the success and satisfaction in both work and life domains.

By gaining a deeper understanding of veterinarians’ work-life experience, our goal is to find ways to better serve our members through enhanced communications and relevant resources.

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Struggling with Work-Life Balance? You’re Not Alone

Striking the right balance between your work life and home life can be a challenge. In a recent study by the AVMA Trust, 63% of participating veterinarians reported that they “often” or “very often” work beyond their scheduled hours. In addition, 77% of respondents said they consider their daily lives to be work-dominant. Read more.

Leaving Work at the Clinic: Strategies to Separate Work and Life

If you’re struggling to separate your work and life domains, you’re not alone. Over three-quarters of surveyed veterinarians from a recent study by the AVMA Trust report feeling that work dominates their life. Read more.

An Attitude of Gratitude May Lead to Higher Job Satisfaction

Finding job satisfaction while maintaining a health work-life balance or integration is a goal we all share. But achieving this goal can take a special mindset – especially when it comes to the often-challenging practice of veterinary medicine. Read more.

PTO and Vacation: Replenish Mental Health to Boost Job Satisfaction

As a veterinary professional, the days you spend caring for others can be fulfilling. But, over time, they also can be exhausting and lead to compassion fatigue. Your mental and physical health affects your ability to provide excellent care, so maintaining your personal wellbeing should be a top priority – as should supporting the wellbeing of those around you. Read more.

Setting Boundaries with Clients

Most veterinarians experience positive connections with their clients – especially those who have entrusted the veterinarian with the care of their animals over a long period. However, many veterinarians – along with caregivers and first responders in other fields – have reported a shift in the dynamic between themselves and some clients during the pandemic. Read more.

Work-Life Balance Is a Moving Target

Is a work-life balance achievable – and can it be maintained? Does a balance between life and work domains truly exist at all, or is “work-life balance” a myth or moving target with a definition that changes for each individual? Read more.

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