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Because Workplace Injuries and Accidents Threaten Practices and Employees

Workers’ compensation coverage fairly compensates employees for injuries suffered while on the job. Too often, veterinary practice owners consider workers’ compensation as protection for their employees only. But a proper workers’ compensation policy provides essential protection for the practice itself.

Discover Workers' Compensation

While every business should carry workers’ compensation coverage, it’s critical for veterinary practice owners to secure this coverage given the physical and occasionally dangerous nature of veterinary medicine.

With workers' compensation coverage through the AVMA Trust, your practice receives:

Coverage for Employee Illness

When employees suffer a work-related injury or illness, workers’ compensation insurance helps cover wages and medical benefits and gives them access to experienced, caring professionals at every step of their recovery. Our program supports practice owners and their staff by helping get personnel back to work as soon as reasonably possible (or if necessary, helping them adjust to other transitional work, and possibly training for new skills). If an employee can’t return to work, the workers’ compensation coverage can provide a long-term benefit.

Coverage for Volunteers

While the AVMA Trust program workers’ compensation policy covers volunteers in most states, some states prohibit the coverage of volunteers by state law. The program supports practice owners by ensuring that they understand their individual state’s rules and regulations as they pertain to workers’ compensation.

Protection from Lawsuits

Typically with workers’ compensation coverage, if covered employees become ill or injured on the job, they receive compensation for their losses in exchange for relinquishing their right to sue their employer in civil court. However, should a lawsuit occur (e.g., a worker’s family decides to sue your practice), this coverage can help cover the related legal fees.

Protection of Your Client Relationships

Our carriers will not typically seek reimbursement from a client whose animal injures an employee of your practice. We understand the value of client relationships and your reputation. Other carriers reserve the right to recover paid losses (from your client).

Pay-as-You-Go Billing Solution

Automate your premium calculation and payment when you run payroll. Available with some coverages, this service smooths out cash flow especially with seasonal fluctuation, lessens audit surprises, and eliminates a large down payment.

State Regulation Compliance

Every state has its own workers’ compensation laws, and these laws can vary significantly from state to state. The AVMA Trust supports practice owners by ensuring that they understand their individual state’s rules and regulations as they pertain to workers’ compensation.

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Discover Workers' Compensation

Vet Your Policy

The AVMA Trust has developed an online quiz to help practice owners vet their existing workers’ compensation policy or evaluate new coverage. Use this tool to discover whether your practice is adequately protected against risks commonly faced by veterinary practices. Use the Trust’s Observation Checklist to foster safe behaviors among employees and reduce the risk of workplace injuries – and claims.

Test Your Policy Knowledge

Take this two-minute quiz to evaluate your knowledge of workers' compensation risks and your practice's current policy.

Observation Checklist

Use this observation checklist to help team members observe each other, gather data points on safe and unsafe behaviors, and coach each other on how to perform tasks more safely.

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Discover Workers' Compensation

Mitigate Your Risk

Having proper workers' compensation coverage in place is an essential step to mitigating the risk to your veterinary practice. Here’s how the AVMA Trust protected some of your colleagues when injuries and accidents happened at their practice:

Distracted Employee Suffers Head Trauma

Employee A was in a pasture, removing a haystack cover, when a horse kicked them. Employee A required emergency medical attention as well as multiple surgeries. Employee A’s practice had secured workers’ compensation through the PLIT program, and the policy fully covered the $75,000 settlement.

Agitated Dog Causes $190K in Injuries

Employee B was handling a stressed dog during an X-ray. The dog bit Employee B’s forearm during the procedure, and the practice administered on-site care. Shortly after, the wound became infected, and Employee B underwent an inpatient hospital stay and general surgery to clean the wound. In total, the injury cost $190,000, and the practice’s workers’ compensation policy covered the expenses.

Testimonial from Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital

“I started working with the AVMA Trust team when I was looking for workers’ compensation. The team provided quotes for our three hospitals and went over options in detail to help me make the best choice...they promptly answered all my questions via email and phone each step of the way and provided excellent customer service!! I would highly recommend the AVMA Trust to anyone in need of insurance. They made the whole process seamless!”  

— Julie Stockbridge
Hospital Administrator at Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital
Windham, New Hampshire

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Discover Workers' Compensation

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